Currently serving patients in: Arizona, Colorado, Washington and Florida 

Meet our nurse practitioner:
Marian Allen, RN, MSN, FNP-C

My journey began in my home state of Mississippi. I graduated with a Master’s of Science in Nursing from the University of Mississippi Medical Center while simultaneously working in a Trauma Intensive Care Unit (ICU) as a nurse. I was introduced to functional medicine during a clinical rotation at that time, which planted a seed for me. However, I decided to pursue travel nursing and began working in different ICUs around the country.

When the COVID pandemic began in February 2020, I was working at a hospital near Seattle, WA. We learned that the majority of the patients we had been caring for from the same nursing home were positive for COVID-19. It was a scary time, but I knew that the fear I was experiencing did not surmount to the fear that my patients were experiencing. In an effort to help the community, I continued traveling to different city hotspots including New York City, Houston, and Atlanta so I could do my part, but it never felt like enough.

That’s when I began practicing as a nurse practitioner in an urgent care facility in an attempt to “run away” from covid; however, it followed me. Not only was I seeing patients acutely ill (and caught it myself), I also began seeing patients who had been sick for months after their initial diagnosis. As I began to discover more and more patients, I found that a lot of providers didn’t believe them, wouldn’t help them, or people would be on six month waiting lists for an initial consult. That’s when I decided that maybe I could finally do my part and it feel like enough this time.

While I have helped saved many lives in the ICU with conventional medicine, I also believe that functional medicine plays an integral part in this complex disease. My goal is to find the best, unique blend of these medical practices in order to treat each individual patient. After seeing first-hand all the pain and suffering that COVID caused, I’ve made it my mission in life to help patients who may have survived the acute phase but are still suffering months to years later.